Craft Tools

If you’re going to craft unique party favors, you need the right tools to help you get it done. That’s why FavorVillage offers craft tools to help you create one-of-a-kind party favors with our huge stock of favor supplies.

Add a touch of ribbon here, a bit of embellishment there, and add some sparkle with rhinestones. Whatever way you choose to get imaginative and create your favors, we have the tool for you.

A mini glue gun can be your go-to tool for all kinds of applications. Use it to secure small details, add some flair to plain pieces or to keep your ribbon bows in place. Its small size means you can tote it anywhere you want to do your crafting.

Pretty party favors that shine with your unique touch require a little elbow grease – and FavorVillage has the tools you need to do it.