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Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

Sep 21st 2011

                                   Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

Themed weddings have become a popular way to create a fun and celebratory atmosphere for friends and family. Allowing a couple to express their unique style and taste, themed weddings can make your special day more memorable for everyone. Choosing theme allows you to get creative with your wedding plans, and add your own personal touch. Themed wedding favors, decorations, and accessories can all be coordinated to match, to create an inviting, thoughtful feel. Some popular themes for weddings include:

       Chocolate Wedding Favors           Palm Tree Trinket Box                Beach Chair Place Card Holder            Tropical Wedding Favors           


           Castle Themed Candle           Chocolate Wedding Favors         Crown Design Trinket Box          Fairytale Themed Favor Boxes

  • LocationPopular location themed weddings include the favorite destinations for couples, Paris and Las Vegas. Paris themed weddings feature Eiffel tower and Fleur-de-Lis decorations, accessories and favors of all types. Silver, black and rose are popular colors for a Paris themed wedding. Las Vegas wedding favors usually have a black, white and red color scheme, with dice and playing card decorated items, such as the king and queen of hearts.

             Paris Themed Wedding Favors            Paris Themed Wedding Favors          Chocolate Wedding Favors      Las Vegas Wedding Favors         


  • SeasonalAlthough summer has been considered a traditional time for a wedding, every season has become more popular for weddings in recent times. Whether you would like a fall themed wedding, a floral themed spring wedding, or a winter holiday themed wedding, there are accessories, decorations and favors of all kinds that help create a wonderful seasonal feel. Seasonal themed weddings give you an endless variety of color choices.
               Fall Wedding Favors          Floral Wedding Favors        Floral Wedding Favors      Chocolate Wedding Favors   

Other popular themes for weddings favors include heart wedding favors, butterfly wedding favors, black and white wedding favors, angel themed weddings, Victorian style weddings, music themed weddings, and more. At, wedding accessories including toasting glasses, guest books, pen sets, cake and knife sets, and more, are available to match all of these different types of themes. has a large selection of themed wedding favors, supplies and wedding accessories to add a personalized touch and theme to your big day.

Planning a theme wedding is a great way to share something special about yourselves with your guests. To help you narrow in on exactly which theme is best for your special day, try to envision what you want the feel of your wedding to be, which of type of theme sparks your imagination, and what colors bring you the most joy.